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CPH2 aims to become the leading developer and manufacturer of green hydrogen technologies both for the reduction of harmful emissions and the hydrogen economy

Clean Power Hydrogen

Clean Power Hydrogen Group (CPH2) is the developer of proprietary technologies addressing the hydrogen economy, forecast to be worth $2.5trillion globally by 2050.

The Company’s patented technology is designed to produce hydrogen and pure oxygen from water in a simple, safe and sustainable way and at scale. CPH2 has advanced the development of hydrogen as a green energy by demonstrating a new form of production.

CPH2 has conceived, patented, developed and validated an efficient, cost-effective and reliable means of producing hydrogen, lowering the barriers to wide-scale adoption and accelerating the progress towards a zero-carbon future.

The technology includes a Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ (MFE) in combination with cryogenic separation to deliver pure hydrogen and pure oxygen as separate gases. The system is simple, safe and sustainable, made of non-exotic materials, providing a cost-effective alternative to both alkaline and PEM electrolysis.  The technology may be deployed at any scale and into a wide variety of applications. When supplied by renewable electricity, the technology delivers green hydrogen.

The Directors believe that the Company’s technology is more efficient than industry competitors and as such, has the ability to meaningfully contribute towards the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and improve the health and well-being of populations by reducing air pollution and particulate emissions.


  • Capital Raised £3.1m EIS equity
  • Investors Directors, HNWI, Family offices, Principals of West Hill
  • Outcome Significant progress made including a major Joint Venture to manufacture and distribute the CPH2 patented electrolysers to the UK and worldwide from a base in Northern Ireland