Case Studies

Unibio is backed by Japan's largest trading company, which is also the world's second largest salmon farmer

Unibio International

Unibio International has developed and patented a proporietary production technology that turns natural gas into a highly concentrated protein, approved for use in livestock animal feed, a $500bn per annum market.

Uniprotein is a high calibre product derived from the fermentation of natural gas that may otherwise be flared. It is currently possible to produce 3 tonnes of Soy Protein on a hectare of land whilst via this technology it may be possible to produce 25,000 tonnes of protein on a hectare of land, whilst using less water.

The Company currently has two in-house production plants and has also signed two licensing agreements for full scale production facilities in the USA and Russia. The annual revenues of a Production Plant at full capacity is expected to be $147m with profit before tax of $54m.

Japanese conglomerate, Mitsubishi Corporation, has recently partnered with Unibio and made a strategic investment in the Business. It is intended that Mitsubishi will potentially support the rollout of Unibio projects on a global scale.


  • Capital Raised £24m EIS Equity and Equity
  • Investors Principals of West Hill, Directors, HNWI, Institutional Investor, Mitsubishi Corporation.
  • Outcome EIS funding oversubscribed and closed in June 2017. Alan Richards of West Hill has personally invested a very significant sum in Unibio.
  • Valuation has increased greatly and represents 1.6x Multiple of Money (MoM) for the investors in 2016, a 4x MoM for investors in 2015 and 13x MoM for investors in the initial West Hill raise in 2012.
  • Unibio is building its production capacity in order to meet global demand with talks ongoing with a large array of interested third parties. There is very significant global growth potential for the Business in the coming years.