David’s experience at West Hill includes:

• £24m pre-IPO capital raising for Unibio International, developer of an innovative fermentation technology that converts natural gas into protein for use in animal feed, a $500billion market

• £5.7m EIS funding for Instinct Studios, an innovative Fintech business that provides its SAAS solution to various top-tier asset managers

• £7m equity and debt funding for Digme Fitness, a rapidly expanding Group of premium fitness studios based in prime locations throughout Central London

• £15m EIS equity and debt for Gobsmack, the provider of proprietary digital services under recurring enterprise licence agreements to FTSE 100 businesses

• £5.5m EIS equity for Norlase, developer of a potentially groundbreaking patented and low-cost laser system is used in ophthalmic and dermatological treatments, a $3billion per annum global market

• £2.5m EIS equity for FreemarketFX, a leading digital commercial foreign exchange platform that securely automates currency and cross border payments, backed by corporate investors

David is a founding partner of West Hill Capital and has been operating in the venture capital fundraising market for approaching 20 years.

During this time, David has played a key role in executing more than 100 public, pre-IPO and private capital rounds of £1-15m for companies operating in a broad range of sectors, in the UK and internationally and during numerous economic cycles.