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Case Studies

West Hill introduced investors agreed a profitable exit from SOBC in January 2017

SOBC Holdings

SOBC is a specialist insurance business that aims to create value by acquiring smaller insurance companies that are in run-off and then efficiently managing the run-off process.

The Company is led by a highly experienced team of Executive and Non-executive directors and principally targets small, solvent non-life insurers in the US and Bermuda.

Andrew Galloway of West Hill was the lead investor in this deal, having invested 10% of the funding personally and subsequently joining the Board of the Company prior to the trade sale.

  • Capital Raising £2.48m debt and equity
  • Investors Principals of West Hill, Directors, HNWI
  • Outcome Funding closed in February 2015.
  • Agreed sale to a Bermudan insurance vehicle in January 2017 within 2 years of completion of the raise.
  • The transaction provided a profitable exit for investors representing an Internal Rate of return of in excess of 15% per annum.